Saturday, May 21, 2011

Carolina Jaramillo @ Club de Ejecutivos

Fernando IX University

Carolina Jaramillo
Carolina Jaramillo Isaza´s original paintings are straight out of the contemporary abstract art stream and modern design. The desire and enthusiasm in abstract and landscape designs have unleashed her natural talent beyond comparison. Jaramillo paintings bring life and literal feelings to empty rooms. Each painting has a corresponding title with a sensible mood behind its design.

Carolina Jaramillo is a self-representing Colombian artist. She is best known for her large-size original abstract landscape and contemporary modern paintings. Most of Carolina’s paintings and ideas are inspired by the nature around her, human emotions, sensibility, and vibrant colors. . Painting is a big part of her life routine, she is noted for her excellence in creating a sequence of images, that when put together, make a visual celebration to the eye and mind. The above is emphasized by the titles of her creations.

Carolina's art has been featured in several art galleries in Europe, Cuba, Argentina, Dominican Republic, the United States.
Feature publications “ 100 Contemporary Artists” (B.A.C.E)

“La Estètica y el Arte Contemporáneo II”, Her presentation will be in Argentina in July. Her imprint is collected in the Modern Art Archive AICOA dully certified.

The rich and contrasting qualities of photography inform some of her most celebrated contemporary abstract paintings "Jaramillo - Bauza" when she join forces with Puerto Rican Photograph , Pedro Bauza, the vibrant coloration of some of her other work, , in favor of boldly contrasting lines and energetic brush work. The feverish, often aggressive composition of these abstract paintings excites, energizes, and challenges viewers to examine themselves -- and reexamine their expectations of contemporary abstract painting.

Series Six persons looking for author, life is either painted or lived” for Luigi Pirandelo.

Contact: Cel 315-4019552
Carolina Jaramillo


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